The Object Browser is accessible from Tools tab,
with Alt+O shortcut and from PointCraft.
The Custom tab gives possibility to enter additional objects as well as importing objects saved by other users or exported by other applications. Here the columns are similar to these in Deep Sky tab. The last column - Size (px) contains the calculated size in pixel for your camera/telescope setup. It will be populated when the camera and focal length are defined in the Object Calculator.
The option "Show only the visible objects" determines which objects from the list are visible in the current moment. In order the calculation to be correct you have to enter your observing site coordinates in Location settings tab.
To change the list order click on the column you want to define the order.
The interface is intuitive, but let give some hints and information:
  - You can use Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select multiple lines for deletion.
  - Show button shows the selected object in the planetarium application.
  - "Add in ToDo" button adds the selected object in the ToDo tab.
  - If Camera Angle is populated and there is connection to a Rotator, on OK the value will be populated in the Gear tab.
  - The button Export saves all the objects in a file that can be used as backup or to share with friends.
  - The Import button can be used to import objects saved in several file formats:
Tips&Tricks Shift+Click on OK button will but in the clipboard the command #GoTo with the RA/Dec of the selected object.
When "Add New" or "Edit" is clicked the section "Object Details" becomes like the one on the next screenshot.
Here are some useful features: