APT is able to control telescopes via ASCOM drivers and INDIGO / INDI. There is still no full native support for LX200 compatible mounts (take a look on this ASCOM driver for LX200 mounts), but APT is able to send most of the LX200 commands through the ASCOM connection which can be used to get better performance form the mount.
In order to use INDIGO / INDI is needed connection to server running on RaspberryPi, ASIAir, StarMaster, StellarMate, or Linux/MacOS computer.
For information about mounts control see the Telescope section in Gear tab.
Meade mounts with AutoStar controller are automatically detected and additional control is provided by Meade section in Gear tab.
If "LX200 compatible mount" option is enabled in Scope & Focuser settings tab APT will use the LX200 protocol through the ASCOM connection.
The mount connection is used or can be used by the following APT features: