Deep Sky

The Object Browser is accessible from Tools tab,
with Alt+O shortcut and from PointCraft.
The Deep Sky tab contains information about 545 deep sky objects - the Messier Catalog, Herschel 400 Catalog, and most of Caldwell and Hidden Treasures catalogs.
Selecting an object will display information like Name, Constellation, Magnitude, Size and interesting facts about it. The last column - Size (px) contains the calculated size in pixels for your camera/telescope setup. It will be populated when camera and focal length are defined in the Object Calculator.
The main sources for interesting facts about the Messier objects are “http://wikipedia.org” and “http://seds.org/messier”/. The facts for the other objects and all audio recordings are compiled and recorded by Jeff Seivert.
To install the audio extension, download the desired package from the Download page of the APT’s site and install it. The button "Play" in Object Browser will be available for all objects with audio information.
The option "Type filter" allows limiting the list by the object type like showing only globular clusters.
The option "Altitude filter" allows limiting the list by the objects altitude above the horizon in the current moment. In order the calculation to be correct you have to enter your observing site coordinates in Location settings tab. The calculate altitude is displayed in the "Alt" column. When the option is disabled the "Alt" column shows N/A.
Selecting an object will show its current Alt/Az coordinates. There is need to enter your observing site coordinates in Location settings tab in order the calculations to be correct.
Enabling the option "Show the extended list" will show 21 253 objects in the list. (Great thanks to Andrew Knight for compiling it!). Note that on slow computers it cloud take some time to load especially if next option is also enabled.
The button "Add in ToDo" adds the selected object in the ToDo tab.
Show button shows the selected object in the planetarium application.
To change the list order click on the column you want to define the order.
Tips&Tricks Shift+Click on OK button will but in the clipboard the command #GoTo with the RA/Dec of the selected object.