The APT Settings dialog box is accessible from Tools tab or with Alt+S shortcut.
The settings are grouped in tabs for easier location.
APT supports the usage of settings profiles. This is helpful when multiple imaging configurations are used - for example different scopes, cameras, filter wheels and combination between them. When there are multiple profiles defined on APT start will be displayed a selector dialog box that gives possibility to select which profile you want to use for the current session. If no action is taken the last used profile will be automatically used after several seconds. This could be controlled by the Profile Selection option in Advanced tab.
Note: You have to create separate profiles if you want to use Multiple Cameras in same time !
Each profile has its own value for every setting including the Guide settings, PointCraft settings, SessionCraft and etc. The Settings dialog box contains the main part of the APT parameters, so it is possible to manage the values for the different profiles. For the settings out of this dialog box there is need to restart APT and the select the desired profile and tune the values in the corresponding place.
Tips & Tricks: Good approach is to define settings for the setup you use most and use that profile as template for the others.
The "Profile" combo box selects the profile which you manage in the moment. Clicking on "Save" button will store the changes in the currently selected profile.
The button "Manage" opens the next dialog box:
It give possibility to manage your profiles - to create new, rename and delete profile, as well as to copy all settings from one profile to other.