The APT Settings dialog box is accessible from Tools tab or with Alt+S shortcut.
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The advanced settings tab contains the options that are not changed very frequently, but in the same time allow to configure important or handy features on APT.

Plans Start Delay

1. Plans Start Delay
Defines how many seconds to wait after click on the Start button, before plan execution begins.

LV Stack Count

2. LV Stack Count
Defines how many images to be used in LV Stack.

PC Low Space

3. PC Low Space
Defines the minimum free space than is needed on the PC disk when APT starts. If the free space is lower a notification message will be displayed. Set a value bigger than the average disk space you use per whole night session!

Camera Low Space

4. Camera Low Space
Defines when to notify you about low camera card free space. 0 disables this notification. The notification is flashing icon in the Status panel.

Camera Low Battery

5. Camera Low Battery
Defines when to notify you about low Camera battery. 0 disables this notification.  The notification is flashing icon in the Status panel.

PC Low Battery

6. PC Low Battery
Defines when to notify you about low PC battery. 0 disables this notification.  The notification is flashing icon in the Status panel.

Buila Trigger Delay

7. Buila Trigger Delay
Defines the delay to be used for exposure end when the audio trigger is used. The value depends on the cable implementation. For more information see EOS Shutter Cables.

Extreme EOS Shutter Delay

8. Extreme EOS Shutter Delay
Defines the delay needed to store an image on the memory card in Extreme EOS Shutter mode. For more details see Extreme EOS Shutter mode


Defines what ISO to be used for the images taken through AstroTortilla. 0 means to use the maximum supported value.

Histogram Auto-Stretch

10. Histogram Auto-Stretch
Defines the factor that is used by the Automatic Histogram stretching in EOS Histogram mode. The values are between 0.00 and 1.00. The bigger value means more aggressive stretching. Default value - 0.65.

Profile Selection

11. Profile Selection
Defines how many second to wait for settings profile selection before continuing with the last selected profile.

Change folder after midnight

12.  Change folder after midnight
On session start APT creates a folder for the current date and stores all the images in this folder or in sub folders (depending on the selected grouping options). If you want to keep the images strictly separated by date, enable this option to create a new folder after midnight.

Change folder after midday

13. Change folder after midday
If enabled an images storing folder for new date will be created after midday. Helps to separate correctly the images from sequenced nights. For example the nights Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon will have overlapping dates mix the images from the previous and next nights. Enabling the option will generate 3 corresponding folders for the nights separated by the midday of Saturday and Sunday.

Bigger UI Fonts

14.  Bigger UI Fonts
Defines to use bigger fonts for most of APT interface. This can be handy on notebooks with big screen resolution and small display.

Advanced Flat/Bias plans

15. Advanced Flat/Bias plans
When selected you will be able to define the duration for exposures in Flat and Bias plans. When it is unchecked, In EOS mode the Flat plans will use the AV dial mode and will leave the camera to select the exposure; Bias plans will use the shortest supported by the camera exposure. In CCD/CMOS mode the Bias plans will use the shortest supported by the camera exposure.

Auto Connect Camera

16. Auto Connect Camera
When enabled upon starting APT will try to make connection to Canon EOS or Nikon camera  (if it is in DSLR mode). Disable this if you want to manage the connection to the camera manually.

Remember Effects

17. Remember Effects
When enabled APT will keep the selected Preview Effects between the restarts.


18.  CR2/NEF to TiFF
When enabled APT will make on fly conversion of the EOS raw files into TIFF format. The original file will not be deleted. The TIFF file is without ICC profile and compression.

Don't remember Object Name

19.  Don't remember Object Name
When enabled APT will not store the object name (entered in Camera tab) between the sessions.

Ask for Object Name

20. Ask for Object Name
When enabled APT will ask to enter Object Name on every start of an imaging plan. It is useful reminder when object name is part of the file naming or grouping.
Note: Do not use this option of you use the #NextPlan command or your automation will not work unattended!

No Camera Clock Sync

21.  No Camera Clock Sync
When disabled APT will synchronize the Canon EOS or Nikon camera clock with PC clock on camera connection.

RDP mouse fix

22.  RDP mouse fix
If you have problems with the mouse cursor when you are using Remote Desktop, enable this option.

Determine Lens Focal Length

23. Determine Lens Focal Length
When enabled APT will try to determine the focal length of the attached to the Canon EOS or Nikon camera lens. If focal length is found it will be stored in Tools tab Focal Length field for automatic usage from PointCraft and Object Calculator.
Disable it if you are getting false readings when the camera is attached to a telescope.

Disable Nikon Dial Check

24. Disable Nikon Dial Check
Use this option if your Nikon camera reports wrong dial mode when lens is detached.

Broadcasting to GNS

25. Broadcasting to GNS
Enables/Disables the broadcasting APT status to Linatico's GNS - Good Night System in order to track the events on your smart phone and get alarm if something goes wrong.

Alerts on:
Image download failing
Automatic refocusing error
Automated meridian flip error
Camera connection lost
PHD2 star lost
Messages on:
Plan start
Exposure auto-canceled
Still waiting image from the camera - 30s

Keys Thingy

26. Keys Thingy
 Allows disabling the Keys Thingy.

No Autocomplete

27. No Autocomplete
Allows disabling the edit boxes auto-complete feature. Most of the edit boxes will make automatic data validation 2s after you stop entering characters. If the auto complete is disabled you will have to click somewhere in order the data to be validated and depending on the case applied when there is no OK button.