• Application Interface

Application Interface

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In this section are described all the elements of APT the user interface. You can use it to find information for every element that you are seeing on the screen.
Here are some general notes.
Application Interface
What makes Ringy Thingy smart and unique is not the design (its idea is not totally new) but the way it handles the different value types. When you are changing ISO it will work with the ISO values. Exposures will give the expected values for camera exposure. It can work with whole numbers and with decimal numbers. If the number is decimal you can click in left or right of the decimal point and change that part of the number using the Ringy Thingy. In the image below object size can have up to 4 sections controlled just with mouse - the left and right of the X value and left and right of Y value. If your targets are in the Object Browser it is possible to drive the whole imaging session without touching the keyboard!
Here is an animation how it works (visible only in the CHM help file and in the on-line help):