USB Monitor

The USB Monitor is accessible from Main Screen
or with F10 key.
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We all have heard the "unplug" and or "plug" Windows sound during the night wondering which connection was lost... The USB Monitor comes to keep eye on the connected USB devices and also to show log on the events happening in the course of the night. It is running all the time no matter if its window is open. The USB events are displayed in the Log Panel, but if you want to see filtered information or to seem the devices that are discovered click on the USB Monitor button in the top right corner of the Log Panel.
USB Monitor

Devices List

1.  Devices List
List of the most USB devices. Some internal parts of of the computer are also USB devices, so the USB Monitor tries to show only the devices of interest. If more deep device troubleshooting is needed the Windows Devices Manager will be always there.

Events Log

2. Events Log
A log of the connection and disconnection events detected since the APT start. It can be use to check what happened when you heard "the USB sound", is the camera detected and etc. without digging into the Windows tools with bright white background.